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WWJTTD (What Would Jonathan Taylor Thomas Do) - Bracelet

$ 8.00
We are all faced with questions in our lives that warrant a clear head, but moist of us rarely have the opportunity to walk away, masturbate, and then decide. But, slap one of these bracelets on and you will no longer have trouble finding the answer you seek. The world is filled with questions, many of which the almighty Jesus does not have answers to, so why bother wondering what he would do and add a double T to the mix and start asking yourself the right question, W.W.J.T.T.D. (What Would Jonathan Taylor Thomas Do), you will not be disappointed.

Order while supplies last, because who knows how long until JTT cums across these bracelets and asks himself what he would do. Fingers crossed that the answer isn't "Sue Jacob," because if it is, we will all be living in darkness.

One size fits all, adjustable slide lock.

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