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I Can't Believe It's Not Cutter - Temporary Tattoos

$ 5.00
We all deal with pain in different ways. Some of us bottle it up, some of us take it out on others, and a few of us take it out on ourselves physically. Many or moist of us do not desire to be permanently scarred by their demons, yet seek the desired effect created by donning said scars. One look at these recreations of my own personal cutting scars, and the conversation will be completely disengaged. And if they happen to be brave enough to ask where they came from, your response will be answer enough to shut their yappers right quick. As soon as you apply these babies, you'll have the world saying, "I Can't Believe It's Not Cutter."

Part of the MOIST Don't Talk to Me Collection.

Each pack cums with five different OG scars from my personal self, four from my arm (two light cuts, and two deep cuts, that should have warranted stitches), and one from my left hand (the initials of a love that hurt so good).

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